Friday, February 20, 2009

I Made This! (NSFW!)

If we're Facebook friends or you follow me on Twitter, or we otherwise know each other in one of the 9 million forms of acquaintance that exist in this modern age, then you already know about this, and I apologise for bringing it up again.

The AMC website calls this a "minisode." It's basically a 4 1/2 minute sketch, using the characters from the original dramatic series "Breaking Bad." I believe it is wholly, entirely awesome, but just to hit some of the essential points:

* From the very beginning, the show was determined to make these minisodes only if it would throw a little work and/or cash to the various aspiring writers/assistants on staff.

* I had given up all hope of getting to write one, and on the last day before we wrapped for the holidays, I got a call from a producer, telling me to bring in a finished draft when we started up again in January.

* I got a lot of great feedback on that script, and then the whole thing was thrown out because the cast, subject matter and setting needed to be "more edgy."

* So instead, we went with this, which is many things, but most especially, it is more edgy. If by edgy you mean dirty.

* The whole thing is covered by the WGA, which means that, thanks to last year's writers' strike, I now can tip my baby toe in the warm pool of milk and honey that is the Writers' Guild of America. But only my baby toe.

* One Saturday back in January, MG & I drove out to watch them film this, and I have probably never had more fun in my whole life. (Previous never-had-more-fun-in-my-whole-life: Staying up until 2:30 a.m., watching the final day of shooting on Season One of "Mad Men.") Our cast is so incredibly talented and they were so generous with their time and ability. They took a script written by a writers' PA and worked with the same focus and energy they bring to every episode. I am beyond grateful.

* There is one minor gaffe. If you watch it more than once, you'll probably spot it the second or third time through. I'm not just saying that to drive traffic. Although it would be awesome if these things got a bajillionty hits apiece. (And that goes for all of them -- the other four minisodes are written by my fellow assistants, and they are EVEN FUNNIER than this one, so go watch them on now!)


Kenny said...

Somehow, I didn't see it when you hyped it on Facebook, so I'm glad I found it here. It's awesome. I love the show, that's so cool.

Little Miss Nomad said...

that was great!